A few years ago I had some serious health issues and no health insurance and being a typical “man” I tried to keep my trips to the doctor at zero. One day I notice I was starting to get, what felt like an ear and sinus infection. This concerned me because I have to be very careful with the use of antibiotics. With this in mind, I started searching the internet and asking Facebook friends for some home remedies in an attempt to stave off the coming onslaught to my ear and sinuses. I was inundated with suggestions from friends and I found several articles about the benefits of garlic regarding its ability to fight infections. I didn’t take any action with all this newfound information. I just settled in for the night.

That night was horrible! I was racked with pain and I didn’t sleep much. Remembering the garlic and now at the desperation point, I asked my wife to get some garlic and squeeze the juice into my ear. Luckily we always have garlic on hand. in fact, we just bought this huge bag of fresh peeled garlic from Sam’s Club. After my wife squeezed some garlic juice into my ear, she placed the remainder of the clove just inside my ear. She then used a cotton ball and medical tape to secure it in place. I knew I wasn’t going to get much sleep, nor was I going to go to work in the morning…Things were going to get worse, so I sipped some NightTime Theraflu and tried to settle in for the night. At some point, I did manage to slip off to sleep.

When I awakened in the morning all was quiet. My wife had gone off to open our shop and the kids were at school. I was all alone and surprisingly hungry. It was then that I remembered an article a friend sent me, “See what happens when you eat garlic on an empty stomach”. The article was informative and it had led me to do further research. Again, being hungry and realizing I have a very empty stomach I thought, “Perfect I have an empty stomach”, and off to the kitchen I went. In the refrigerator was the large bag of peeled, clean, and ready to use garlic cloves. I retrieved the bag happily but quickly became a bit apprehensive. I remembered the article said to eat a whole head of garlic. I didn’t really know who much that would be, not to mention these cloves were huge! I knew for the garlic to be effective it needed to get into my bloodstream so I popped one in my mouth and began to chew…

I had no idea how hot that small clove of garlic was going to be…OH MY!!! It was too late to turn back now so I chewed vigorously as I began to feel a ravaging heat race through my body! If that is what menopause feels like, thank heaven I am a man….although I wasn’t feeling very manly at the moment. I began to salivate and knew I had to swallow and fast! I took a deep breath and down it all went. I stood at the sink and didn’t know if I should drink some water or roll on the floor attempting to put out the imaginary flames engulfing my body.

While standing there dumbfounded it hit me…something reached through my belly button and began to tie my stomach in tight little knots. My salivating became an unending fountain and not the fabled fountain of youth either… I was sure this was a fountain of death!!!

I raced to the bathroom and I began to beg God not to let this awful thing I swallowed come back up! Seconds were as minutes…not normal minutes, they were like the ones which feel like hours! I just knew I was going to die! As time passed the fountain dried up and I hastily ate a buttered roll and chugged some heavy whipping cream (the milk was bad…That’s another story) and I learned a few things…

1. I am NEVER doing that again!
2. I was going to live another day.
3. I will keep my garlic consumption to my shrimp scampi and spaghetti dishes!
4. I will have some questions for the next person who shares home remedies with me!

Now you are probably asking what does this garlic story has to do with marketing. well, Here is a list…

1. Word of mouth/sharing is a type of Marketing. My friends were “Marketing” their home remedies with me.
2. Not all marketing is good, but even bad marketing sometimes gets results.
3. Your Marketing should strive to get people to take action.
4. Marketing is information
5. There are people out there who are desperate for your information.
6. Take action.
7. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
8. Somethings will not work.
9. Learn from your failures.
10.Keep trying!!!

I hope you enjoyed this small but true folly of mine and decide to stick around and follow me. I will be sharing some more of my follies soon.

Find your blessing today!

Don J Thompson

PS Want to know how I learned to blog and where my marketing journey started? You won’t believe it!!! CLICK HERE!!!

Feel free to comment below and share one of your stories with me!



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    • Kneller Fernandes

      Nice garlic story Don,
      I, in fact had a fetish to eat raw garlic when I was a kid. 🙂
      I also like the way to connected it to marketing. Good job…

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