I am Don J Thompson and I have pondered what to say here for some time now. I am really nobody special, nor am I gifted with extraordinary talent. I am just a normal guy with a few years under my belt. I am married to an awesome lady (she got the short end of this deal) and I have some pretty good kids. I honestly feel I am a very blessed guy! Looking at my life now you would never know the hardships I have had to overcome. Yes, a great many of those were self-inflicted due to stupidity, ignorance, a lack of patience, and when you add in the normal life happenings going on day to day, well you know. After all, you have probably “been there done that” too!

Prior to getting into internet marketing, I spent six years in the U.S. Army as a military policeman and then became a deputy sheriff in Southern California. When I landed the job as a deputy, I thought I had arrived, this was my dream job after all. That all came to an end after almost 12 years on the job when I was injured one night trying to stop a suspect from attacking a fellow deputy. My world as I knew it just went bad in one fell swoop and it was about to get even worse. No need to go into great detail here, but shortly after being told my injury was career-ending, my wife died unexpectedly. I can not begin to tell you how devastated I was. Not only did I lose my job, I just lost a wife and my 18-month-old son lost his mother. I was forced to retire on half of what I used to make and of course, 100 % of what my wife made was gone as well. There were just so many things I was not prepared for.

Now, just because I could no longer be a law enforcement officer did not mean I couldn’t work. To keep this short I had a lot of jobs after all this happened. I hated every single one of them! Long hours away from my family for low pay and terrible benefits. Not to mention our economy. I have seen it good, bad, and worse and who knows how bad it may end up. I have been laid off because of it once and I sure didn’t want that to happen to me again, so I attempted to make money online. For the longest time, this was just an exercise in how to spend thousands of dollars online and never make a dime! I tried for over ten years before I finally made a few thousand dollars online. Now I know it isn’t as hard as I was making it!

Now I love what I do and the freedom it brings and I want to share this with as many people as I can. Life is too short to be broke and unhappy. I know money doesn’t fix everything but it sure fixes a lot! Can I can give you one piece of advice? If you want to find success online, find the one thing that you think you would like to do and stick with it! Ask a lot of questions and find someone who already did the hard work for you. Everything changed for me when I did that very thing. I found something and someone who was rock-steady and able to help me! Now I can share it and help you!!! Feel free to check it out here. I hope you will find your blessing today! Thank you for taking the time to read this and please, enjoy your stay here on my blog!

Best wishes,

Don J Thompson

Ps, You owe it to yourself! Freedom Starts Here!